iR Shell byAhMan is a shell application for PSP.


– Support Dark_AleX latest 5.00M33-3 CFWs. Users of original 5.00M33 & M33-2 should upgrade to M33-3 to avoid incompatibility issues. The latest Popsloader 5.00 is also supported.
– An Infra-Red learning remote is added for PSP Phat. You no longer need to hunt pronto codes for your appliances. Just point your remote unit at the PSP and it will learn the iR code. It is available under higher firmwares and not fw 1.5 mode. Refer to the Release Note for usage details.
– The nethostfs connection handling has been redesigned to be more robust. However, iR Shell 4.7 and onwards can only connect to the new nethostfs PC server v2.1. Make sure you’ve updated the nethostfs PC server.
– Enhance UMD/ISO game compatibility via nethostfs MAX mode. Most previous failed games will probably work.
– Usbhostfs & nethostfs host redirection under XMB has returned.
– The Adhoc PC connection for nethostfs was broken since fw 3.71. This feature has been brought back for PSP Phat.
– Enhance the HTML Plugin (by Dark_AleX) to allow direct launching of flash games with extension SWF.