iR Shell byAhMan is a shell replacement for PSP.


New Features for PSP Slim:
– Added support to homebrews that are built with the option PSP_LARGE_MEMORY, that is, to use the extra slim memory. When running these homebrews under iR Shell, they will have access to another 26MB slim RAM. Pls note 2MB of slim RAM is reserved for iR Shell.
– Enhance the HTML Viewer (originally developed by Dark_AleX) to use the extra slim memory. These should help to reduce “Not enough memory” message when accessing larger web contents. The HTML Viewer can be accessed via predefined homebrew #1 icon.

Bug Fixes:
– Some homebrews weren’t correctly recognized by iR Shell and application names were displayed as garbage.
– When setting np9660 mode in iR Configurator, some homebrews failed to launch.
– Launching PS1 games via popsloader wasn’t working properly.
– Copying a large file from ms0: to nethost0: will crash the system.

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