IrDA Games” is a homebrew for the PSP system which allows to play you games with an interactive and groundbreaking game-controlling with help of the IR-port of the PSP which reminds the Wii-game-controlling. IrDA Games v0.7 includes 8 different games which allow you to feel Wii on the PSP.

IrDA Games v0.7 contains 8 games (5 Singeplayer(Remotefun, Big Bang, Mr. Bucket, iR Bowling, iR Pong)- and 3 Multiplayer games(IrDA Wars, IrDA Soccer, iR Pong))


– 3 new games
– Possiblility to create and change themes
– Option file added, now you can change settings as you like
– Possibility to listen to your own music while you’re playing IrDA Games – New Code Structure
– Updated to IrDA Wars v1.1
– New Weapons
– Better IrDA Receiving System
– Ammo System
– New Weapon System
– More Informations are blitted
– Option to disable or enable the play with an IR-Remote
– Updated to IrDA Soccer v0.3
– Better IrDA Receiving System
– Option to disable or enable the play with an IR-Remote
– Updated to Mr. Bucket v0.4
– More backgrounds
– New Point System
– More objects
– Now, you loose no points, when you change levels
– iR Bowling v0.5 added
– 3D
– Level System
– Life/Tries System
– Choose the position of the bowling ball, the power of it, and its fly-angle with your IR-remote
– Highscore System
– iR Pong v0.5 added
– 10 random backgrounds
– Level System
– Balls/Lives System
– Possibility to play with an IR-remote or with the d-pad
– Highscore System