Irdeto Sage is a Irdeto based file encryptor/decryptor for PlayStation Portable.

Release notes:

Here is the first full version of Irdeto Sage.
You can currently change the private key with an arcade style rotator, and a basic file browser has been implemented to select files.

The Irdeto crypto algorithm is very strong despite security loopholes with smartcard hardware that allowed people to extract keys from them. You can attempt a brute force of the irdeto private key (HMK) with FMcard Windows program by Fatmate available here: provided that you have a matching Encrypted and Plain key pair which is given in the Irdeto demo mode of Irdeto Sage. It would in all probability, take many lifetimes to stumble onto the key.

The target file must be 20Mb or less, since the processing is done in RAM, and the program is compatible, and tested on the PSP fat.