JoySens is a custom firmware plugin for Sony PSP that allows you to control the sensitivity of the analog stick in a very efficient way as well as “repair” faulty analog sticks. In very bad cases where the analog stick is not repairable, you can also just disable it so it doesn’t interfere with your games anymore. Apart from that it includes functionality to swap and remap DPad input to analog stick and vice versa, hence allows you to control the XMB with the analog stick for example.


– fixed compatibility issues with Sony UMD driver (and possibly some other applications that require more kernel memory)
The config file system now uses a mere 1Kb of RAM where it used 24+Kb in 1.4/1.41
– Reduced module size a bit (to further help memory problems)
– added a workaround info output for POPS (flickers a lot, but at least you see something)
– fixed the adjust calculation to avoid crashes for high values (shouldn’t happen anymore even with adjust 32.0)
– fixed a little Button remapping bug