JoySens is a custom firmware plugin for Sony PSP that allows you to control the sensitivity of the analog stick in a very efficient way as well as “repair” faulty analog sticks. In very bad cases where the analog stick is not repairable, you can also just disable it so it doesn’t interfere with your games anymore. Apart from that it includes functionality to swap and remap DPad input to analog stick and vice versa, hence allows you to control the XMB with the analog stick for example.


Version 1.5 brings the following new features:
– code cleanup
– added possibility to choose only from a selected list of remapmodes (ie only switch between your favorite modes) per game/vsh
– fixed that adjust=0 will turn off the analog
– added LITE version, that does not support config file saving, no ingame info output as well as no ingame config settings with buttons
– added “threshold” config parameter, to adjust button remapping from analog
– added “thresholdupbtn” and “thresholddownbtn” config parameters, to set buttons for setting the threshold ingame
– added “idlestop” and “idleback” config parameters, to set when the analog movement stops the idle timer or returns back from idle (brightness dimming/display off feature of PSP firmware).
– optimized config file reading a bit
– updated FAQ