This is a PSP port of Jump ‘n Bump v1.51 by MK2k.

This is a game for the whole family. You are cute fluffy little bunnies and hop on the other bunnies’ heads.

At the beginning you are in the menu, where you have to jump over the tree trunk if you want to play and walk right. Then you’ll enter the arena. The aim is to jump on the other bunnies’ heads…

Release notes:

This is the PSP port of Jump ‘n Bump 1.51
Version: a
Author: MK2k (at) hostco (dot) de

[Game Info]
see /docs/README

[PSP Controls]

Use the following Buttons on the PSP to have a 2-Player match:

Analog/D-Pad Left: P1 Left
Analog/D-Pad Right: P1 Right
Analog/D-Pad Up: P1 Jump

Square: P2 Left
Circle: P2 Right
Triangle: P2 Jump

The following Key Combinations enable special Cheat Modes:

START + D-Pad Up: Pogostick (continuously jumping bunnies)
START + D-Pad Right: Bunnies in Space (Bunnies can jump higher)
START + D-Pad Down: Jetpack
START + D-Pad Left: Lord of the Flies (Flies are following the Bunnies)
START + LTrigger: Blood is thicker than water

For the PSP it is not bad to enable the Pogostick mode, so only 2 Buttons are necessary to be used by both players.

[PSP Installation]
This game is 1.50 Kernel.
Original 1.50 Firmware users should copy the content of the directory FW150/MSROOT to their memorystick. Custom Firmware users should copy the content of the directory FW3xx/MSROOT to their memorystick.

Have fun!

Thanks to MK2k himself for hosting this release at PDRoms 🙂