MK2k released an updated version of Kakuro Nichiyou into the Neoflash Coding Competition 2008, previously released at PDRoms Coding Competition #3.99

Written in C++ using the JGE++ Engine by Dr. Watson, Kakuro Nichiyou presents 234 hand-picked/created Kakuro Puzzles for you to play and to let the built-in solver solve for you.


– Kakuro Nichiyou features 234 hand-picked/created Puzzles from Puzzlemakers all over the world. Permission granted by Otto Janko, a great Puzzle collector, visit his website:
– Play Kakuros by setting numbers in the free fields, you can even make “notes” in each field (small numbers from 1..9)
– In Kakuro Nichiyou you can save your current progress to one of 20 different save slots.
– Kakuro Nichiyou features a solver which is work in progress. In the current state it is able to solve 203 out of the 234 Puzzles completely. It cannot find a solution for the other puzzles but gives you the found notes of the remaining fields (or maybe just a good laugh =D).,4976.0.html