With Kakuro Nichiyou PSP 1.2 you can play and let the solver solve Kakuro Puzzles on your PSP.


254 hand-picked/created Puzzles (20 new since version 1.1) from Puzzlemakers all over the world.
Permission granted by Otto Janko, a great Puzzle collector visit his website
Play Kakuros by setting numbers in the free fields, you can even make “notes” in each field (small numbers from 1..9)
save your current progress to one of 20 different save slots
The current state of the built-in solver is the ability to solve 223 out of the 254 Puzzles completely. It cannot find a solution for the other puzzles but gives you the found notes of the remaining fields (or maybe just a good laugh =D)
4 graphics themes for you to select (thanks to Dargo)

Thanks to MK2k, the author himself, for the news.