KOPBANPSP is a clone of Sokoban.


* Movement doll
* System saved game
* System load items
* Levels Boxclone (93 LEVELS)
* Levels 100BOXES (10 LEVELS)
* Levels ANOMALY (29 LEVELS)
* Icon for xmb
* Image for the Xmb
* Use Of Stick to move the character
* Implemented the opportunity to take a step back by pressing O
* Implemented bookshops Desbloqueables At the end of each library
* Modified KOBANPSP And Add New Levels
* Implementados sound effects of walking and moving boxes
* Including Level 2 Echo _DSCS_ by the Libreria KOPBANPSP
* Fixed bug found by Alpha 5 towards that sometimes step back adjudge
* Fixed Bug found by Loopin that by the barrel of the menu was very fast.
* Cambiados Menus for the new echos by Loopin
* Introduction maps bookshelves for the selection to be more graphic
* Introduced music in the menu and the game sent by Kei
* Modified the sound of walking sent by Loopin