Krap-PSP is a “swiss army knive” for PSP.


*Enable/Disable psp from charging
*Automatically set cpu/brightness to low
*Automatically sleep on a certain battery percent
*Easily execute Shutdown,Sleep,Reboot(VSH) on a key combo
*Set auto timer for sleep and shutdown
*More Idle feature options
*Manipulate CPU speed
*Manipulate Brightness level
*Manipulate psp LEDs
*Easily detect the psp motherboard version
*Take screenshots
*Text battery warning
*Sound battery warning
*Put psp in music mode(Cpu goes to 80mhz,brightness/Led off that is inspired by hold plugin)
*Reset a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Paused a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Display the battery/cpu/and psp information
*Easily customizable


[!]Fix a bug in powersaver manipulation
[!]Fix a bug in LED manipulation
[!]Fix a bug in mobo detection
[!]Re-arrange Krap infos
[!]In-game sounds will suspended when krap menu is open(to avoid crash?)
[!]When paused(SELECT+RIGHT), only user_main will be disabled
[!]Increased thread delay to avoid low framerates when krap menu is open
[!]Change UsePspgo_MS = 1 to UsePspgo_MS = 0 ( set it back to 1 if you want to use mem. stick instead of internal mem.)
[+]Added 4 mobo detection(TA-092 – TA-095)
[+]Added Psp type in krap info
[+]Added the ability to see the volume bar in game(without having pressing the HOME button)
[+]Added new menu called “MISC” – somehow its not yet complete
[+]Added the ability to see all the active threads from MISC menu
[+]Added krapy stuff like “Test Buttons” in MISC menu