Krap-PSP is a “swiss army knive” for PSP.


*Enable/Disable PSP from charging
*Automatically set CPU/brightness to low
*Automatically sleep on a certain battery percent
*Easily execute Shutdown, Sleep, Reboot (VSH) on a key combo
*Set auto timer for sleep and shutdown
*More Idle feature options
*Manipulate CPU speed
*Manipulate Brightness level
*Manipulate PSP LEDs
*Easily detect the PSP motherboard version
*Take screenshots
*Text battery warning
*Sound battery warning
*Put PSP in music mode (CPU goes to 80mhz, brightness/Led off that is inspired by hold plugin)
*Reset a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Paused a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Display the battery/cpu/and psp information
*Easily customizable


[!]Fix a bug in music mode when beep is executed
[!]Fix reboot function in 6.39
[!]Fix a bug in powersaver and battery warning after saving & reboot.
[!]Extend the plugin delay in gamemode by 5 seconds.
[!]Removed status text.
[!]You can now Disabled thread in Misc Menu(Turn red when disabled)
[+]Added “Draw delay”(The higher the value the higher the flicker the lower the lag)
[+]Added “Music Mode CPU”(Specify the cpu speed when music mode)
[!]Infos Position x & y can now be customize(From the krap.ini)

Note: When setting the position of the infos
u_x -> uptime x pos
u_y -> uptime y pos
c_x -> cpu x pos
c_y -> cpu y pos
b_x -> batt x pos
b_y -> batt y pos
Remember that the PSP screen has 480×272 pixels