Krap-PSP is a “swiss army knive” for PSP.


*Enable/Disable PSP from charging
*Automatically set CPU/brightness to low
*Automatically sleep on a certain battery percent
*Easily execute Shutdown, Sleep, Reboot (VSH) on a key combo
*Set auto timer for sleep and shutdown
*More Idle feature options
*Manipulate CPU speed
*Manipulate Brightness level
*Manipulate PSP LEDs
*Easily detect the PSP motherboard version
*Take screenshots
*Text battery warning
*Sound battery warning
*Put PSP in music mode (CPU goes to 80mhz, brightness/Led off that is inspired by hold plugin)
*Reset a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Paused a game on key combo(ISO only)
*Display the battery/cpu/and psp information
*Easily customizable


[!]Change file structure (delete your old krap folder)
[+]Created lite version
[!]Set loader.ini which one to load on boot e.g full = 1 or lite = 1
[!]Fix rare bug in music mode
[!]Fix rare bug in FUll where in you can\’t disable some threads
[!]Remove cpu manipulation
[+]Added noUMD feature by bpeterson src
[+]Added wallpaper change(*.bmp files 480×272 only) on boot by hellcat (Full version)
[!]Clean up codes