Kurok is a game using a heavily modified quake engine designed especially for the PSP, and later on if there is enough demand, a PC version.

It has one single player episode’s worth of content, as well as a fully functional multiplayer mode. It features some gameplay features in the style of “Turok” and “Goldeneye” on the N64, as well as its own features.


– Added: Single player map ‘Underground Base’ (e1m5) has been remade, and ‘Experiment Rex’ (e1m6) map has been expanded upon.
– Added: New grenade models for grenade launcher and soldier enemies.
– Added: Bloodsplat effect when attacking players/enemies with the Tekbow.
– Added: Cvar ‘scr_loadscreen’ to show or hide the loading screen image.
– Added: New ‘Autocenter Button Look’ option in controls sub menu, toggle if the view auto centers when moving or not.
– Added: Client side auto aim, if turned on will use the Server side auto aim value (located in the create game menu).
– Added: Impact sounds and weapon change sounds for some weapons.
– Change: Removed the need to write or read .ms2 mesh lists, significantly improving initial loading time.
– Change: Dynamic Lighting on by default due to optimising models. Only slight performance drop now.
– Change: New zoom code, with different levels of zoom for different weapons.
– Change: Improved Soldiers AI, including throwing grenades only if the player is at a distance from them.
– Change: Client side auto-Aim is turned off when Zooming in, and turned back on when zoomed out, allowing for headshots.
– Change: Rocket Launcher Secondary mode now switches to a third person missile camera view, pressing jump detonates the missile.
– Change: The Tekbow is no longer spammable, there is a refined animation time charging and reloading the next arrow.
– Change: Base Arena (kdm2) map has improved balanced weapon loadout & spawn points.
– Change: Increased the semi-automatic firing rate of the Desert Eagle.
– Change: Increased delay of Tek Arrows exploding if stuck in walls, floors etc to 2 seconds.
– Change: Increased fuse delay of Grenade Launcher grenades to 3 seconds.
– Change: Decreased the time it takes to switch weapons, and made it less dependent on frame rate speed time.
– Change: Grenades/Rockets/Remote Mines can blow up nearby grenades, rockets and mines.
– Change: Reduced Knife, Normal Arrows & Shotgun damage, Tek Arrows damage increased.
– Change: Soldiers pistol shots do less damage on difficulties below Insane.
– Change: Soldiers now use the same model as the player model, saving wasted memory.
– Change: Texture resolutions have been halfed for some weapons, the player, soldier and raptor models.
– Change: Extra skin texture for the tekbow, easier to tell the difference.
– Change: Rebalanced the health of Raptors and Soldiers to reflect the set difficulty level.
– Change: Raptors jump higher and further, and melee speed increased.
– Change: Overhead knife slash does not gib enemies and players anymore if they have low health, death animation played instead.
– Change: Increased Remote mines throw distance slightly.
– Change: Removed Quake style particle impact effect for bullets and arrows.
– Change: Normal arrows bounce off walls, floors and ceilings if their velocity is too low to stick into them.
– Change: Renamed ‘Analog Look’ in the controls menu to ‘Analog Mode’, with the 2 options renamed to ‘Look’ or ‘Move’.
– Change: Renamed ‘Customize controls’ to a more suitable name ‘Customize buttons’ in the options menu.
– Change: Reduced the number of scrollable help pages to 2 in the help menu until I make more pages.
– Change: Removed ‘Dithering’ in the Misc. options, not needed when the engine runs in 32bit Color mode.
– Change: Moved ‘Brighter Models’ from the ‘Misc. options’ to the ‘Video options’.
– Fixed: Pretty much all of the Remote Mine bugs squashed.
– Fixed: Tekbow crash finally fixed, there was still something in the code glitching it up.
– Fixed: Bot bugs fixed and AI is significantly improved, will now switch weapons, switch secondary modes and strafe/fire depending on skill setting.
– Fixed: Zooming in and out no longer resets the sensitivty to the default value.
– Fixed: Soldiers don’t accidently kill each other now if they are in the way of each other.
– Fixed: Removed bullet case ejection in multiplayer, was easily causing overflow errors when too much action was going on.
– Fixed: While switching weapons or seconadry modes while dying, the view model weapon dosn’t display after spawning in multiplayer/co-op.
– Fixed: Death animations would sometimes use incorrect frames.
– Fixed: Remote Mines and Arrows no longer stick to sides of doors/glass/platforms and float in mid air when the doors open/close.
– Fixed: Co-Op Player Camera change actually works now in the multiplayer menu.
– Fixed: Remote mines icon now show mine icon instead of the old energy cells ammo icon.
– Fixed: Corrected code for loading vanilla quake mods. You must now have the full version of quake to use quake mods other then Kurok!