MDave has released a new version of his FPS game Kurok for the Sony PSP. This game has to be one of the best homebrew titles to hit the scene. It features a full blown campaign full of mind boggling levels and lots of action. You can even host multiplayer games and create your own content for it. It’s up there with some PC FPS games (and there is a PC version too!).


64MB Ram mode for PSP 2000 series Slim model, allowing for more textures and larger maps.
* Colored lighting support for maps using .lit files.
* Smooth model animations and movement.
* Interpolated light shading on models.
* Special blending modes for spirtes and models.
* Enviornment fog effect.
* Alpha transparent brushes and models.
* 32bit color depth for PSP 2000 series Slim model.
* More sophisticated view & view model movement.
* Full auto aim support.
* Increased triangle limit on models.
* Extensive contol and video options.

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