Learn Japanese is a trivia game designed to help people memorize Japanese words.

Release notes:

Good News Everybody! I finally finished work on a new version of my game. Gomen Nasai for the delay, I wanted to focus this release mainly on implementing Japanese kana. Well thanks to intraFont by BenHur, this version now supports Hiragana. I also improved the controls so it’s much more faster and responsive. In Hiragana mode, I added a few punctuation marks, you can access the Comma period and Question marks by hitting R+Square. I’ll include Katakana later. Besides that, other changes include a new Opening PMF Video, New Intro, and I added a extra stage.

I should also take this time to properly credit others on my previous releases. Learn Japanese Versions 1-5 uses Emeric0101’s patched version of InsertWittyName’s Lua Player 0.20, Ver 0.6 uses LuaPlayer Euphoria v8 by Zack, and this current version uses LuaPlayerHM 8.1 by Homemister. Unfortunately, after porting it over I was unable to get the MP3s & Wavs to intermingle with each other, so I had to drop two MP3s. I’ll re-include them later when I switch over to PGE. I’m inching closer to my masterpiece 😀