dan369 is still coding on his Zelda fangame and gave us some WIP news today.


ok, i have been working hard with Alpha 4 know and it’s been completely revamped with new gfx work by Darrel.
With the coding side of things i have finally got the Inventory Working though not all features are done but it’s coming along nicely. Plus i have added an new Move called Spin, basically it’s Link doing an 360 degree attack, the Town with shop interface and various people to talk to are being done currently.
I’m also starting an journal type thing to hold quests, objectives etc.

Here’s an little video on progress so far and TO PROVE that i’m not doing one or two updates then leaving it like so many other devs.


(sorry my computer is an bit messed up at the moment, so couldn’t upload it to youtube. If anyone would be kind enough to do so it would be appreciated 🙂 Thank you.)