This is a PSP clone of a Tron Light Cycle racing game. Objective of the game is to make your enemies collide with the trail you leave behind you as you speed along the grid in cyber space.


* Now you can race up to 29 opponents! Go nuts, first one to place first out of 30 get’s a cookie…
* New variable grid size! Choose from small, normal, large and HUGE!
* New mini-map – toggle it on/off in-game with []!
* New type of AI added
* New gametype added – you may now choose from ‘Classic’ and ‘Uber’ (more on this later)
* Custom Skin support! Easy-to-use Modular skin system implemented. Read ‘Skin.txt’ in the folder for instructions. I’d like to thank 0m3GA ARS3NAL for the Virtual Reality skin from MGS I now have bundled with Light Cycle 3D v3.0
* more i’m just forgetting sorry

Thanks to for the news.