This is a PSP clone of a Tron Light Cycle racing game. Objective of the game is to make your enemies collide with the trail you leave behind you as you speed along the grid in cyber space.


* You can now control the distance on the camera from the cycle with Up and Down on the D-pad
* You can now control the height of the camera from the cycle with the analog stick up and down
* Reset camera distance and height with O while in-game
* ‘The Void’ by 0m3GA ARS3NAL skin now comes bundled with the game (along with Virtual Reality)
* Tracers/rails are now randomly colored til the main graphical bug is fixed
* Fixed up ‘uber’ gametype, no longer can you go through walls and walls will destroy properly
* You may now toggle MP3 looping with TRIANGLE in the Pause menu in-game!
* MP3 Playback should be much more stable now (yes finally lol)
* more i just can’t remember!