Sakya has released a new version of his slim lined MP3 player for the Sony PSP.


– Added: Audioscrobbler log (disabled by default look a the settings file).
The app writes a .scrobbler.log file you can upload to your account through this page:
– Added: Settings (CPU/BUS clock, EQ) are saved in the file settings
– Added: you can switch from old or new volume boost method.
Default is new method.
Check the settings file(it’s commented).
– Added: display of instant bitrate
– Added: Playing a single file will actually play the directory (starting from the selected file)
– Added: the app is a little lighter, you can lower cpu 2/3 mhz more (if not using EQ or volume boost).
Many mp3 of mine are now playing good with the cpu at 65/67mhz (with 1.3.0 was 70mhz)
– Fixed: File without ID3 now display filename in playlist
– Fixed: Trying to open a file too big will show an error (and not make the app crash)
– Fixed: The app now correctly exits pressing HOME.
– Fixed: some bugs in the playlist editor (removing the last song, clearing the playlist)

Thanks to for the news.