Sakya has updated his light weight MP3 payer “LightMP3”. A changelog is available in italian language on his page.

Update: 17:39:

Changelog from it’s release thread ( ):

-Added: support to kernel 3.71 and S&L
NOTE: in kernel 3.71 the bus cannot be properly set, so it’s stuck @ 95Mhz.
-Added: support to ID3v2 tag (many thanks to Xart!)
-Added: the app restores initial volume when exiting
-Added: the app saves the volume level when exiting and restores it next time is started.
-Added: Replaced the exit screen with a custom one
-Fixed: USB connection problem, no more need to copy prx from your flash0.
-Fixed: Going up one level in the file browser will select the diretory you were in (and not always the first)
-Fixed: Removed exit pressing TRIANGLE (exit only with HOME)