LightMP3 is a MP3/OGG Vorbis/FLAC/Atrac3+ player designed to drain little energy from your battery. Can decode MP3 and ATRAC3+ via Media Engine with CPU set at 20Mhz, OGG Vorbis with CPU set at 50Mhz, MP3 via libMAD with CPU set at 70Mhz, FLAC with CPU set at 100Mhz. With battery at 100% and display set to minimum brightness it should last 9 hours.

With battery at 100% and display turned off (press START while playing a track) it should last more than 11 hours.


-Support for kernel 3.x and Slim&Light
-Support for MP3, OGG Vorbis, ATRAC3+ (*.aa3, *.omg, *.oma), FLAC
-File browser
-Support for m3u playlist
-Playlist Editor
-Retrieve track’s information from ID3v1/ID3v2 or Vorbis Comments
-Coverart retrieved from ID3v2 (only MP3) [image formats: jpeg, png]
-Works with remote controller
-Playing mode: Normal, Repeat Track, Repeat All, Shuffle, Shuffle/Repeat
-Equalizers (only for MP3 played via libMAD)
-Audioscrobbler log (you can upload your log to your’s account with this page
-Sleep mode (the psp will shutdown automatically at the end of a track or directory/playlist)
-Media Library: scan your ms for media and then browse them by Artist, Album, Genre or make your search.


-Added: Switched to OSLib MOD, now supports intraFont
-Added: New skin system (now all the elements can be moved, see skin.cfg). Font is defined in the skin.cfg file
-Added: In the Media Library you can play a track pressing CROSS (like in the file browser)
-Added: You can rate your tracks in the Media Library (CROSS + DPAD UP/DOWN)
-Added: english, italian, portuguese, russian language. Many thanks to fabiom, coach777, Magic PSP
-Added: help (press L + R)
-Added: you can add selected playlist to the current one (press START in the playlist browser)
-Added: Directories are marked with a leading “/” in the file browser
-Added: You can check a playlist with triangle (removes dead-links)
-Added: option for keys autorepeat interval
-Added: “Top 100” in media library
-Added: Option to enable/disable splash screen
-Added: “Borwse All” in media library
-Added: Cover displayed in file browser and in Media Library (stay 0.5 seconds on an item). Works only with folder.jpg and cover.jpg (doesen’t read coverart from ID3v2)
-Added: Display now fades in and out when you toggle economy mode
-Added: Music pause if you remove the headphones while listening to a track
-Fixed: Playback of mono MP3 using libMAD
-Fixed: Faster navigation between functions
-Fixed: crash in playlist editor when press UP, RIGHT or NOTE on an empty list
-Fixed: stop FLAC playback
-Fixed: Analog was working also in HOLD
-Fixed: Minor bugs