LightMP3 is a MP3/OGG Vorbis/FLAC/Atrac3+ player designed to drain little energy from your battery. Can decode MP3 and ATRAC3+ via Media Engine with CPU set at 20Mhz, OGG Vorbis with CPU set at 50Mhz, MP3 via libMAD with CPU set at 70Mhz, FLAC with CPU set at 100Mhz. With battery at 100% and display set to minimum brightness it should last 9 hours.

With battery at 100% and display turned off (press START while playing a track) it should last more than 11 hours.


-Added: You can sort records in the Media Library (press TRIANGLE)
-Added: support for filename with foreign characters. Many thanks to cooleyes for the FAT driver
-Added: cpu clock set to minimum value when music is paused
-Added: French, German, Polish, Spanish language
-Added: Smoother progress bar
-Added: Icons for folder/music in file browser and media library
-Added: New ICON0.PNG and PIC1.PNG (many thanks to dario1crisafulli)
-Added: Display will turn off when HOLD is set to ON, and will turn on when HOLD is set to off
-Added: In Media Library when you select an artist you see an album’s list (not a song list)
-Added: You can add a playlist to the current one by pressing start in the file browser (or square on the directory containing the playlist)
-Added: Option to change the media library root dir (look at the file “settings”, this option doesen’t appear in the settings tab)
-Fixed: Crash with some album art (switched to libjpeg, thanks to Kevin Kim)
-Fixed: Better Korean support (thanks to Kevin Kim)
-Fixed: Strings are limited inside the menu area.
-Fixed: Sleep bug for MP3 and ATRAC3+ files (doesen’t work with OGG)
-Fixed: Some crash in the Media Library.
-Fixed: Bug in audioscrobbler log (wrong UTC time