LUA Player HM is a modification/enhancement version of the original LUA Player written by Homemister.


Fix * System.cfwVersion() Shows m33 at end of CFw upto Version 3.90m33 and CFW version 3.93??? (not a Dax CFW. When the CFW maker is known there trademark replaces ???)
Fix *Mp3me, Mp3, Ogg, Acc3. Functions now return all info.
Fix *Added 3 tabs for web browser now.
Fix *Mp3me not playing song correctly.
Added Translucent effects to Wlan.init(), System.message() and System.stratOSK() they are see through. Thx to romero126.
Added luagraphics.cpp and graphics.c using Luaplayer.20 graphics. not luaplayer.16
Has loadimagefrommemory now.