LuaPlayer Euphoria is another enhanced LuaPlayer for PSP.


* Ir, Sio and Font functions removed. (first two are redundant and the font Function is just too slow for practical usage.) IntraFont is standard now, and there is a ttf to pgf gui converter included with the download (located in the tools folder) . Bitmap font support will be added later.
* Usb connection bug is fixed.
* LPE no longer uses the boot.lua and system/system.lua set up. It now automatically loads “index.lua” from the root directory. So you don’t have to include the System folder anymore. Your main/starting script must be named “index.lua” however.
* TV Out support. – Requires no functions/code to be added by you. Just set your PSP to output to your TV (under system settings) then when you launch your script it will automatically output to the tv.
* Quit via home button now actually exits to the xmb rather than crash your psp (as far as I can tell…. tested with a few scripts).
* Eboot size reduced significantly. From 1.7mb to 1.5mb.
* Error messages greatly improved. Now shows the function that caused the error message and the required arguments for the function.
* Various code cleanups across the board.
* A few of the samples from the original LuaPlayer have been converted to LuaPlayer Euphoria. You will find those along with a few new samples/example (code) in the samples folder.
* New eboot art. Derived from digitalBlasphemy preview sample. Using pixelMator. This will be the eboot art from now on. I have actually saved and made a backup of the editable image file this time (lol).
* — Will check for input and the FPS will be locked to 60fps.
* Controls.readPeek() — Will check for input and the FPS will be uncapped.
* System.draw() — Initializes the GU for rendering. Must be called before any blitting/drawing to the screen. (And in a loop)
* System.endDraw() — End’s the GU and syncs. Must be called at the end of any blitting/drawing to the screen. (And in a loop) – The above functions have replaced both System.startGu() and System.endGu(). Why? Simpler names, easier to remember and less confusing.
* screen:slowClear() — If your having problems with the screen not clearing correctly and cannot fix it ( using the standard screen:clear() ), I suggest you use this. (Note : It is slower than using the standard screen:clear() so only use if there is no alternative)