LuaPlayer Euphoria is another enhanced LuaPlayer for PSP.


[+] Ported project from C++ to C.
[+] Implemented AAlib sound engine (Mp3, At3 & Ogg Playback On Media Engine + Wav support) and wrote a new sound core. (note usage has changed, please see the samples included in the download for new usage)
[+] Added Swizzle & UnSwizzle functions (note : Images are Swizzled by default)
[+] Added move Image to Vram function.
[+] Added optional Alpha parameter to screen:blit(). (ie screen:blit(x, y, image, alpha) – Makes for easy image fading in/out
[+] Added VFPU math library.
[+] Added Sony Message Dialog System.
[+] Added Sony OSK System.[*] Reworked IntraFont support.
[+] Added option to free/delete Images from memory.[*] Huge code cleanup.[*] Vairous fixes that I cannot remember .
[+] Source code now available.