LuaPlayer Euphoria is another enhanced LuaPlayer for PSP.

Release notes:

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It has been a long time since the last LuaPlayer Euphoria release. In my absence a user named Walar has committed the following changes :

New Features / Changes :

[+] Added Zip file System.
[+] Wrote a new IntraFont system.
[+] Wrote a new Sony osk system.
[+] Wrote a new Sony Message Dialog system.
[+] Added Zip lua samples[*] Updated intrafont, osk and Dialog lua samples[*] Blit image to image fixed. (Note you need to un-swizzle your images prior to blitting or it won’t work.

He doesn’t have time to commit to the project full time, however, I am going to be devoting a lot more time to the project within the next few weeks (after the Christmas period) so don’t worry I will be back to normal service soon and have the following planned :

* Wifi support with Sony interface : AlphaDingDong is working on this and should be done soon.
* Sony SaveData support : With interface.
* Xm, sm, mod etc support re-added : But keeping the same usage as the Wav, Ogg, MP3 and At3 functions for ease of use.
* VLF library support.
* + Plenty more 😀

Functions, Features & Guides List :

A new wiki has been set up to make accessing LuaPlayer Euphoria’s documentation a lot easier. The wiki is located here : : It is currently a work in progress. All guides, functions and features will be posted there in time.

There are new samples in the download to demonstrate usage of all the new functions and the improved ones also.
See new_functions2.txt for a full list of all the new/changed functions (located in the download).

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the release!

As usual please post all bug reports or feature requests here :

Download @ :
Note : There are now two downloads. FULL is the version to get if you have never downloaded LuaPlayer Euphoria before or want to get the new samples…
Update is the version to get if you already have LuaPlayer Euphoria and just want the latest binary files.

Source code for this version currently is not committed to google code. It has been a while since I last did a commit and just cannot seem to get it to work without it erroring out on me. Will be uploaded as soon as I work out why it won’t allow me to commit.