Dark_Alex has updated his marvellous custom PSP firmware.

Release notes:

– Fixed a bug in access to flash by usb.
– HEN core: kernel prx’s with syscall exports work again.
– PSP Slim: programmers can set the size of user memory to 52 MB by using a sfo flag. Check sample in sdk for usage.
– March33 NO-UMD driver:
* Fixed a bug that could hang the psp when exiting with home.
* Fixed compatibility issue with Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles, and maybe more games.
– Vshmenu: it wasn’t displaying properly with psp slim TV-OUT due to the change of resolution. Fixed.
– Support for 3.71 and 3.72 pops has been added. Note that 3.71 however will not appear in the list in 3.71 M33 as it is not necessary.