Your goal is to collect all the coins and avoid Bowser and the banana’s . This is tested on a Slim and Fat PSP with 3.80 M33-4 firmware .


– LUA code reversed to C ( Many thanks to PHPnerd )
– Fixed the bug with Bowser ; now his sprite changes when he goes up , down etc..
– Fixed the bug with the screen ; Mario could “escape / disappear” on the bottom of the screen
– Fixed the bug with the bananas ; you could drive over them without losing points.. this has been fixed
– Changed Credit screen
– Changed “Winning” screen
– Changed ICON0.PNG
– Added –> 5 more levels ; now there are 8 levels
– Added –> Pause menu
– Bowsers movement has been slowed down, as many people complained he was moving to fast.
– Smoother gameplay and movement of Mario
– Star icon changed to coin