Here is Mega Drops for the recently held PDRoms Coding Competition (PDRC) #3.99 – //phpbb/viewforum.php?f=59 – sponsored by Superfighter Team ( ), CSW Verlag ( ), Mindcandy DVD ( ) and PDRoms. This entry has been submitted by daaa57150.


Mega Drops is a puzzle game combining many cool things from the puzzle games you know. The gameplay is very close to the wonderful “Puyo Puyo”: a pair of blocks fall from the top, and you have to put it on the blocks stacking on the bottom so that the shapes match. You can rotate, move, and make the pair fall faster. Collide 4 blocks of the same shape and they explode. But unlike Puyo Puyo, Mega Drops is a solo game: your goal is to resist until the end of the level, by eliminating the lines coming from the bottom.

Mega Drops adds a lot more to that gameplay: some unique features and others inspired by “Tetris Attack” and “Magical Drop 3” for a great combo system and nice gameplay. Add to this some “Lumines” and “DJ Max portable” style (in 4 colors!), good electro music and you have it: Mega Drops.

The game contains 2 very different levels (in gameplay & style) each available in 3 difficulty modes.

The game also features a nice tutorial to get you started.