Memory Stick Utility previously known as IPL Dumper has been updated. Memory Stick Utility is a multi-purpose utility to application which can perform various general management functions on a Memory Stick.


– Added option to extract Memory Stick MBR
– Added detection of available IPL space and Memory Stick Information
– Added option to extract entire IPL space from Memory Stick
– Fixed a bug which caused corruption of Memory Stick when injecting an IPL larger than the reserved space
– Entire IPL area is now erased from the Memory Stick
– Fixed issue detecting IPLs smaller than 4,096 bytes which were injected with this application
– Fixed issue which meant more space was required to inject an IPL, the required IPL space is now only rounded up to a multiple of 512 when it is not a multiple of 512
– PRXs are now stored internally for easier installation of application
– Reverted the IPL injection back to the style used in version 0.4