Codetactics updated their multi platform, 3D, top down, arcade style helicopter game Mobile Assault (formally known as Apollonia).


* Improved radar with a north marker, new look and feel, and the helipad is now shown as an ‘H’.
* The leaderboard now shows the current player and ranking as well as the top 10.

Bug Fixes
* On the iPhone, when the home button is pressed, the mission is ended as if it was aborted.
* When the iPhone is locked, the game now pauses.
* Fixed a bug where the menu music restarted after unlocking the phone ingame.
* Fixed a camera issue when a mission ended while the tactical support panel is open.
* Correctly take ammo capacity upgarde level into account when starting a mission.
* Fixed a bug where it was possible to upgrade and downgrade outside the maximum range.
* Fix a menu scrolling issue on PSP in the players selection menu.