Codetactics updated their multi platform, 3D, top down, arcade style helicopter game Mobile Assault.


* Four new missions.
* New guard tower, sam site and pillbox structures.
* New tanks and truck vehicles.
* Added a mission clock to the HUD.
* New leaderboard views (Best Times and Per Platform).
* Added an extra, ‘closer’ camera view.

* The helicopter now rolls while turning (using iPhone virtual joystick or PSP triggers).
* Completed missions are now indicated in the missions menu.
* New virtual joystick look (iPhone).
* Option to delete a player profile.
* Increased the maximum number of player profiles on PSP.
* All vehicles, road and structures are closer to scale.
* The helicopter is textured.
* Added an exit button to the main menu (PSP).
* Better looking bullets.
* Particles have distance attenuation (they get smaller when further away) (iPhone).

Bug Fixes
* Stopped a crash on exit when using the Home button during a mission (PSP).
* If the active weapon is toggled while it is firing, then it will stop firing before being toggled.
* Stopped objects from getting incorrect textures.

Under The Hood
* New shadow algorithm.
* Performance improvements.
* GUI rewrite.