Codetactics updated their multi platform, 3D, top down, arcade style helicopter game Mobile Assault.


* Added a tutorial mission.
* Added a 27th Mission called ‘While They’re Down’.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed bug where restarting the mission may result in the selected weapon being different to the weapon indicated on the HUD.
* Fixed bug with the mission ‘A Dish Not To Break’ where the mission didn’t fail if the radar site is captured within 120 seconds.
* Fixed bug where the cannon of a crashed helicopter was not fading out with the rest of the helicopter.

* AI helicopters fly slightly slower than the player.
* When landing at a helipad, the helicopter will automatically align itself so as to land at the centre of it.
* In game messages can now display on top of the upgrade panel (when used from a helipad).
* Fixed lots of typos in the in game messages.

Coming soon
* Spanish and French translation.