mootjeuh has decided to write a library that will simplify all the functions of LPHM. They will be even easier than the old LPHMs’ ones!

So, here’s a list of what is already done:

initColors() | initiates all the LPHMv2 colors (white, green, black, …)
initButtons() | initiates all the buttons so you don’t have to keep calling “pad =” or pad:cross(), it’s just cross or x or circle or up…
initCursor(speed,cursor image path) | speaks for itself
initiate() | will load all the functions that start with “init”
cursor() | will show the a cursor with the specs from initCursor()
print(x,y,text,color) | will print “text” to the screen with the original XMB font, if there’s no color it will automatically print in black
f:init(font path,font size) | load a font
f:print(x,y,text,color) | will print “text” with the f:init() specs,if there’s no color it will automatically print in black
f:term() | unloads the font
load(file type,file path) | there are 10 different file types:
1: PBP
2: PSX
3: PRX
4: ELF
5: LUA
6: sound (eg: wav)
7: MP3
8: OGG
9: AA3
10: AAC

blit(x,y,image path) | speaks for itself
read(path) | will load the “path” file and show it’s content
assign(flash) | will assign a flash. eg: assign(2) will assign flash2:/
pause(seconds) | will freeze the homebrew for the number of seconds given
usb(device,mode) | will activate the usb with the specified device and mode, eg: usb(“ms0:”,true)
osk(title,input) | speaks for itself
encrypt(file path,new name) | since LPHMv2 can’t read encrypted scripts I’ve decided to make my own code encrypter
execute(file) | will execute the previously encrypted “file”
get.nick() | will search for the PSPs nickname and will return “nickname” as it’s nickname (I felt like making my own one :P)
browser(device,mode) | will show a browser that will explore “device” in the selected mode, there are two modes:
1: tile map
2: list
eg: browser(“flash0:”,2)