A new version of MyPSP Robotics is out.

Here are the release notes:

In this new release, the 5.1.0, the programmer have add/change:

– Bugs removing! (RAM Space shortage)
– Implementation of Voice Speech Recognition by porting of Pocketsphinx

For further information you can consult the documentation in the folder “ReadMe” of the homebrew.

source psp-ita.com

All the functions of MyPSP:
MyVoice: it is a Text to Speak in English language, derived from porting to PSP the Flite: http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/flite/
– Direct Male voice on audio speakers as Text to Speech or Text to Wave file.

MyVVoIP: it is an audio and video management module with WiFi connection.
– Audio input both from GoCam microphone or from Socom Microphone
– Audio recording to a wave file with position index of records
– Video input from GoCam
– Audio transmission between two PSPs using both Adhoc or Access Point connection
– Audio and Video concurrent transmission from one PSP to another using both Adhoc or Access Point connection
Coming soon:
– Voice and Video concurrent two ways transmission between 2 PSPs

MyAudio: it is an audio management module.
– Audio input both from GoCam microphone or from Socom Microphone
– Audio recording to a wave file with position index of records

MyAI: it is an Artificial Intelligence module with a knowledge base of common sens sentences. Derived from work by: www.openmind.org
– An SQLLite3 data base as a knowledge base
– SQL Queries of kind “What is xxx?”, “Where is xxx?”, “What is the purpose of xxx?
Coming soon:
– SQL Add instances to the Knowledge Base
– Free sentence analysis and random answers
– Open dialog two PSPs on random subject

MyEye: it is an Artificial Vision module realized fully integrating the Intel OpenCV Library.
– OpenCV functions like camshift, chessboard detection, conrenrs, edges, filters, etc.. fully running according to available RAM of PSP
– Face Recognition of individual persons
– SIFT integrated as from
for detecting and matching same features on different scaled images
– GOCR as from http://jocr.sourceforge.net/ for recognizig and reading and writing characters and text from images
Coming soon:
– GOCR with GoCam for detecting and reading and writing text and characters that are detected from direct GoCam video
– OpenCV Applications like Gesture recognition: position of hands or fingers to detect visual commands; Pedestrian position; moving patterns etc..
– SIFT games: detecting objects on a wide images
– many others…

– MyWiFi: it’s a WiFi services collection both using Adhoc connection or Access Point
– FTP Client and Server
– CURL http client
– CURL downloading
– Host IP Address Resolver

– MyAcc: Basic test for GoCam and GPS data input and management
– ready for next applications like a Bycicle GPS with Altitude profile, Ascensional Average Velocity with maps and riding videos

– My3D: a 3D graphic engine for aplplications
– ready to be used for mathematical applications plotting 2d and 3d lines, curves, surface by parametric or explicit functions

– MyHW: a full PSP hardware test under 3.xx, to assure the full functionality of MyPSP software under last custom firmware
– sequence of tests also used to assure a full awareness of its own state of PSP robot

Coming soon modules:
– MyTalk: Voice Commands recognition using pockectsphinx by http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/pocketsphinx/
Next Functions:
– at least PSP commands like CROSS, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, SQUARE etc.. recognized by voice as audio input of users and further powerfull applications

– MyPic: Full interface via SIO port of PSP to a microcontrolle I/O mainboard for (like PIC):
– Analog and digital sensors input
– Digital output of signals
– Servo motor activation

Next planned development all-in-one MyPSP Robotics:
– Completion of MyVVoIP
– Completion of MyAI
– Implementation of MyPIC
– Realization of a 4-wheels moving Robot detecting obstacles, recognizing images of the environment around, receiving voice commands, speaking, etc..
– others…