A new version of Nanodesktop SDK (Software Development Kit) is online: http://visilab.unime.it/~filippo/Nanodesktop/PSP_PSPE/Downloads/Downloads.htm

This new version of the system adds a new HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) called HAL CFW. It is designed for custom firmwares, either on PSP-FAT or on PSP-SLIM. Now, the nd applications can work on every PSP. The new HAL has been tested on custom firmware version 3.71 M33-4 (in PSP-FAT or in PSP-SLIM).

More release notes:

Here is the new user guide, with hundreds of how-to: http://visilab.unime.it/~filippo/Nanodesktop/PSP_PSPE/Docs/Docs.htm

The new distribution adds the support for ndSQLLite (a library that manages database), ndSIFT (an alghoritm that allows the recognition of an object), and ndGOCR (a reimplementation of GNU OCR, that can work on PSP).

We have fixed hundreds of bugs.

The system now supports the Sony GoCam, and not only the Eyeserver tecnology. In the guide you can find some example about the use of the GoCam with few rows of code.

Remember that, all applications that are developed on CFW HAL, must be accomplished with the “kernel extender”: it is a driver called ndKrnExtender_v1.Prx and it must be copied in the root folder of the memory stick before starting the new nd application.

You can find the kernel extender in the download page of the Visilab website.

New version of the SDK supports also ndHAL_SystemExec to load another homebrew from a homebrew, the pseudoExec function to make easier the porting of software and libraries that have been originally developed for PC, and a faster version of Nanodesktop graphical system.

The multimedia features include support for WAV and MP3 decoding via Media Engine (hardware accelerated).

The engine for Text-To-Speech synthesis is ndFLite.

If you have trouble in Nanodesktop installation, you can find help in Nanodesktop official forum.