Nanodesktop is a library for the development of simple applications under embedded platforms, as the Sony Playstation Portable (TM).

The Nanodesktop library is totally written in C for maximum performance. If you have a platform where you cannot run traditional windows environments, as X-Window (TM), you can try Nanodesktop library.


1. ndOpenCV has been updated to version 1.0
2. Improved compatibility of ndHighGUI with original OpenCV Intel Code
3. New ndOpenCV applications included
4. Introduced function ndHAL_SetupMouseCallback ()
5. Added support for Linux
6. PSPSDK has been updated: psp-gcc updated to 4.1.0 version
7. Fixed a trouble in the strategy of USB managing (this solves problems with CFW and PSP FAT)
8. Fixed a trouble in MakeFile_PSP.mak that created a memory loss under PSP SLIM when you used the simple PSP strategy
9. Reduced stack space required for the ACT threads
10. Added new Microphone API
11. Added support for extended printf/scanf routines (via Trio library)
12. Added support for ndPocketSphinx voice recognition software.
13. Added support for ndPiKey drivers (via ndPiKeyDriver.Prx and ndPiKeyDriver_IRInput.Prx) (thanks for Gianfranco Crimi and to Joseph Felton)
14. Added support for Code::Blocks IDE under Linux (thanks to Daniele Colanardi)
15. Corona Installer is the official installer of the system now
16. Added support for emails through POP3 servers (via ndLibsPopC library)
17. New user guide
18. Fixed a trouble in fflush function (NanoC)
19. Removed support for extended printf/scanf routines (via Trio library)
20. Deep code review executed to Nanodesktop core (some small potential bugs have been fixed)
21. ndTBAR routines check that the bar is contained in WindowSpace before drawing now
22. Correct a bug with perror, strerror functions
23. Fixed a trouble in routines that provide to firmware recognition
24. Network routines now work also in KSU mode with custom firmware and 1.50 emulation (bug-fix)
25. Fixed a bug that, in KSU mode, prevented the disabling of the USB drivers loader at startup
26. Fixed a timing problem that caused the hang in ndGCurl library.
27. Fixed a bug that generated carriage return in ndWS_Print.