Nanodesktop v0.3 with Eyeserver support has been released.


1. Introduced Phoenix Graphical Subsystem: now nd supports multithreading applications;
2. Added support for TextBoxes, ListBoxes, TextAreas, Control Boxes;
3. Introduced new API for VirtualKeyboard;
4. Introduced new type of VirtualKeyboard;
5. Introduced new API for USB support;
6. Introduced support for USB attach/detach;
7. Introduced ndUSBDrv.Prx for USB transfer mode support;
8. Introduced webcam API and fast video interface;
9. Scanf and derived functions have been totally rewritten;
10. Fixed a trouble that caused the missed inhibition of VirtualKeyboard when NanoC brokes data flux from stdin stream;
11. Added functions difftime, localtime, asctime, mktime, ctime, gmtime, strftime in NanoC;
12. Added function freopen in stdio.h
13. Introduce EMI and EMIEMU libraries for VFPU support and VFPU emulation (integrated in NanoM)
14. Fixed a trouble that caused a system hang when the user tried to open an image with DevIL routines, in KSU mode;
15. ndHighGUI has a new version of cvShowImage, fully optimized
16. ndHighGUI now supports OpenCV functions for webcam (cvGrabImage, cvReleaseCapture, and the other functions…..)
17. cvSumPixel.cpp in OpenCV now can use EMI interface for very faster and hardware assisted computations;
18. Introduced Eyeserver/Eyeclient;
19. Introduced BootScreen and ExitManager when the system works in KSU mode;
20. Introduced new API for manages mouse events
21. Introduced ndDelay and new functions ndHAL_HardDelay, ndHAL_SoftDelay, ndHAL_ClockDelay;
22. Introduced ndLP_CreateWindow (ndLP_AllocateWindow and others are deprecated now)