Nanodesktop is a general purpose software development kit (SDK) oriented to the creation of applications (scientific or general use) under embedded platforms like PSPE emulator or PSP (Sony Playstation Portable).


– NanoCore system libraries (sources and binaries);
– Nanodesktop library for PSP/PSPE (sources and binaries);
– Customized PSPDEV kit;
– Custom version of ndOpenCV (sources and binaries);
– New version of Nanodesktop HighGUI (sources and binaries);
– Custom versions of ndDevIL (sources and binaries);
– Modified versions of libjpg, libpng, libz, libtiff for opening/saving images (sources and binaries)
– Nanodesktop user guide;
– Nanodesktop Demo, ndOpenCV Applications, and ndHighGUI Applications;
– PSP Compilers;
– ndSIFT: a version of Scalar Image Features Transform designed for nd
– ndSQLite: a version of the library for database management designed for nd;
– ndGOCR: a version of GNU OCR (Optical Char Recognition)
– ndOCRAD: a version of GNU OCR (Optical Char Recognition)
– ndFLite: a version of Vocal Synthesis Engine designed for nd;
– ndPocketSphinx: a version of the CMU Voice recognition engine;
– ndLibsPopC: for accessing to the POP3 servers
– VOIP Libraries
– ndFreeType library for TTF support
– ndPython 2.52 interpreter, compiler, executor (with sources)
– ndMotion2D: parametric motion estimation program by INRIA
– ndSuperRes: a program for SuperResolution by Carlenton University
– ndImageMagick: a library for image manipulation
– ndMPEG2Dec: a MPEG2 decoder for nd

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