aznag88 comes up with an updated version of his Naruto fangame for PSP.

Release notes:

Hi all.

I have decided to release the second version of my homebrew that is a remake of Contra but Naruto Style.
I have thought alot in this release because it wasnt supposed to be out yet.
Since i want the users opinion/suggestion its my pleasure to introduce you this version of my first homebrew in LUA ( the full details are in the readme.txt).

Buts already detected:

– Platform fall, player appears in the top platform.
– Stupid double jump in the first boss.


In the final release there will be some new stuff such as :

– Trophies
– More levels
– More bosses
– Better AI.
– Better platform and fall detection.
– Music
– Sound effects
– etc.




Thank you and goodbye 😉