For those who did not recognize yet submissions to the NEO Spring Coding Competition 2009 are not possible anymore.

The entries:

The PSP APP division, total 8 entries
[PSP APP] XMBShell Version 1.00 By: Total_Noob
[PSPAPP] TimeTrainer (updated) By: teamsushi
[PSP APP] DAPESi : DAPES Improved Alpha version By: Shaolan
[PSP APP] PSPconsole v1.3neo By: Hotter
[PSP-App] pag3 – make your own website today By: pront0
[PSP APP] prxutility++ By: pspflashsystem
[PSP APP] downPSP v210 By: carlosgs
[PSP APP] PSPDictionary v2.4.1 By: Gefa

The PSP GAME division, total 13 entries
[PSP GAME] Agenaworld 1.7 By: edepot
[PSP GAME] Pong v0.5.1(updated) By: Digikid13
[PSP GAME] TibiaPSP v0.2 By: LuMa
[PSP GAME] Crazy Gravity Portable By: TheUnderminer
[PSP GAME] Ragdoll Cannon v2.11 [UPDATE 2] By: walar
[PSP Game] Wagic 0.5.1 By: wololo
[PSP Game] Apollonia 0.03N By: GlennNZ
[PSP GAME] Asterz V1.2 By: Slasher
[PSP GAME] asterSpace3D By: pspflashsystem
[PSP GAME] PSPReversi V1.0 (FINAL RELEASE) By: jojojoris
[PSP GAME] PopBlocks By: Gefa
[PSP GAME] EarthInvasion By: basfreak,5570.0.html