NervOS is a shell application for PSP.


Web Browser (sceKernelExitGame is patched on it so it returns to NervOS
after the user quit it)
Sony OSK for text input
Ability to skip tracks (after loading a playlist)
Ogg Support
Playlist reader (m3u)
File Browser: ability to delete files/folders.
File Browser: ability to rename files/folders.
File Browser: ability to copy files/folders.
File Browser: ability to make folders.
File Browser: displays file size after file name.
File Browser: sorts alphabetically folders and files and folders are
displayed before files.
File Browser: detects more 14 file types.
When entering Load Music, the music only stops after you choose a new
Customizable font.
Remove highlight bars.
Removed “..” and “.” From the file browser.
Fixed a bug in the task manager.
Internal Core changes
Fixed bug in the Image Viewer.
Fixed bug in the clock system