NIGathans has released a final of his game Shootuh. The authors PSP has been stolen, so he is releasing what he is having. Thanks to cid2mizard from for the news.


* Fixed bug causing the enemy to spawn above the slow-mo meter off of the screen.
* Added a “Kill Streak” counter which counts how ever many enemies you kill before you die.
* Added an increasing difficulty based on the kill streak, every 15 kills in a row the difficulty will increase.
* Added more slow-mo power ups (I never got a chance to actually randomize this so it will always appear in the same place.)
* Fixed bug causing your bullets to home on enemies even if its paused.
* Fixed background image so the shrinking is more noticeable.
* Added a secret cheat menu. To access make sure you are in the main menu, whether you just started the game or if you paused it and pressed triangle, and press these following buttons one at a time in this order R, Left, Down, Square, Triangle. The cheats can be disabled by clicking on cheats (I never got a chance to actually create the menu so when you activate it they are automatically enabled) The cheats that have been added are:
o Hyper Speed, lets you move a little faster than normal.
o Super Homing Missiles, makes your bullets home twice as
o Infinite Lives.
o Infinite Slow-Mo.
* Fixed homing missiles so they home on enemies more reasonably. (I never got a chance to perfect this but it is better than the last release.)
* I’m sure if there are more updates but as I stated earlier I cant look at it while writing this so I’m just going to leave it at this.