Orbid is a unique game in which you are a small Orb struggling to survive. You must eat the smaller (orange) Orbs in order to gain points and survive in this dangerous world. All the while, you’ll be avoiding larger Orbs or else you’ll become their dinner!

Release notes:

~ Controls ~
~ Menu

X to accept
TRIANGLE to go back
LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN to navigate

~ Game

START to pause game
(If paused; press start to unpause, or press TRIANGLE to finish game)
ANALOG – Move player around

~ Notes ~
This game WILL work in both 1.5 & 3.XX kernel.
NOTE: For 3.xx kernel, it is recommended that you use eloader to load Orbid. If you don’t use eloader to load Orbid, the music will not function properly under 3.XX kernel.

~ Credits ~
Thanks to Benhur for the font loading.
Thanks to Insert_Witty_Name and Raphael for the at3 loading part in triEngine.

Orbid coded by Slasher of Team Duck.
All sfx and gfx done by Madsoul.