OSLib MOD is a modified version of OSLib v2.10 originally coded by Brunni.

The following changes were made by Sakya:

-Added: oslSetReadKeysFunction(in t (*sceCtrlReadBufferPositi ve)(SceCtrlData *pad_data, int count));
You can pass to it a function from a kernel prx, so you’ll be able to read all buttons (VOLUME_UP, NOTE…)
oslUnsetReadKeysFunction( );
-Added: All USB.c functions now works
-Added: OSL_VERSION to know the current OSLib MOD version
-Added: oslSetHoldForAnalog to make the HOLD button work also for analog
-Added: support for intraFont.
-Added: Dialogs (message, error and net conf), many thanks to InsertWittyName for the sdk samples 😉
-Added: On Screen Keyboard
-Added: Save and load
-Fixed: Tagged MP3 and ATRAC3+ now works
-Fixed: osl_keys->analogToDPadSensivity now works correctly