According to brakken ( ) Dark_Alex, famous for his custom PSP Firmware M33, has discovered PSP’s not capable of creating a Pandora battery.

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Dark_Alex has discovered the TA-85 v2 motherboard which has been created with Pandora users in mind. How so? You can’t create a Pandora Battery with it. However, batteries that have already been turned into “service mode” will still work so you’ll still need a buddies older modded PSP or buy one of Datel’s batteries.

“New alarming news arrives from Dark_Alex. It seems in fact that or in circulation a new model of PSP SLIM & ARGUMENT with firmware 3,73 of factory and a new one mobo, called TA-085 v2.

This type of card mother would prevent in fact the creation of pandorizzate batteries, inhibiting therefore the access to the writing of the eeprom of the battery.
This new way will not prevent I use but it of batteries already pandorizzate, and therefore it will not prevent the possibility to install a Custom Firmware.

Al moment does not exist methods in order to go around such new system, does not remain to us that to attend ulterior developments.”