Phoenix Game Engine (PGE) is a fully featured engine for game development written by InsertWittyName and MK2k. PGE Lua is the Lua wrapper of that engine.


– Added pge.exit() to explicitely exit at any time.
– Fixed pge.texture.draw() to only allow the correct number of parameters to be passed (reported by #Gianni#).
– Added pge.texture.swizzle() to swizzle a texture.
– Added pge.texture.unswizzle() to unswizzle a texture.
– Added an optional parameter to pge.texture.load() and pge.texture.loadmemory() to specify whether to swizzle the texture on load.
– Added pge.texture.pixel() to get or set the color value of a pixel within a texture.
– Added an error check to, returns nil if nothing could be read.
– Added an error check to pge.file.readnum(), returns nil if the number could not be read.
– Added a return value to pge.file.write(), returns the number of bytes written.
– Fixed pge.mp3.loadmemory() which incorrectly checked for two parameters to be passed when it only requires one (reported by TheUnderminer).
– Added pge.math.deg() to convert radians to degrees.
– Added pge.math.rad() to convert degrees to radians.
– Moved the socket functions to to give a layer of separation.
– Moved the socketset functions to to give a layer of separation.
– Added an optional parameter to, to specify how many bytes to receive.
– Fixed to unswizzle the texture before saving, then re-swizzle if needed.

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