This is a release by Mr305 for the current Neoflash Coding Contest.

Author release notes:

Why this application needs you/Your son/Daughter and you or his/her PSP:

1) Do you or he/she have Suffering Grades?
2) Do you or he/she feel like breaking a TI-Calculator into pieces?
3) Have you or he/she ever felt Math or Physics or Algebra or Geometry ever felt totally bland?
4) Do you or he/she have a hard time doing any calculations?
5) Do you or he/she forget any formulas?
6) Do they seem too complicated?
7) Do you or he/she feel like you are not fit for doing Physics or Algebra or Geometry?

If so, Then this is for you or you son/daughter!

Some facts:

1) The accuracy is to the level of DOUBLE’s.
2) Ability is use decimals/negatives.
3) I donot remember right now.,4517.0.html