Notaz has been working on a port of PicoDrive to the PSP, which is finally out to the public.

Here are the release notes:

There seemed to be some demand for Sega CD/Mega CD emulator for PSP, so after doing the Gizmondo port I decided to port PicoDrive, my Genesis/MegaDrive/Sega CD/Mega CD emulator, to PSP.

Well I don’t really like how it performs (it still needs a bit more work), but I’ve decided to move to another project, so I thought I better release it as is, then keep it around untouched for months.

There is nothing fancy about this emulator (no dynarecs/asm cores), but it’s still able to run many Genesis games fullspeed with no frameskip (including some CD ones), and others with some skipping. However there are some CD games which won’t run too well (although situation can be improved by tweaking some options). This emulator uses hardware MP3 decoding via audiocodec library in PSP.

Note that this emu may need some option tweaking to get certain games working. Be sure to check the readme for details.

Finally, I feel I need to give credits several people whose code I used for this release:

* Chui for FAME/C (which is based on C68K by Stéphane Dallongeville, Gens fame)
* NJ for CZ80 (which was also based on Stef’s code).
* MAME team for YM2612/SN76489 cores.
* fDave for the original PicoDrive, and Stef again for releasing Gens source, something to base my work on.
* people for all sample code (cooleyes for libaudiocodec one).

Picodrive for PSP Compatability List – Add your findings